Christine Osinski

Christine Osinski

About the Artist

Christine is an American photographer based in Ridgefield, CT.


I think it’s important to take a second look at what we think we already know. My work is all about examining what’s beneath the surface. I like to focus on commonplace subjects that are misunderstood.

Showing appealed to me right away—pregnancy in the workplace is a common sight, especially these days. But paradoxically, it’s also profoundly misrepresented. In that way, Showing felt like a continuation of my other work—trading on the same themes. And because women’s bodies are still the locus of so much debate in our society, it felt important to enter into that conversation.



2012, © Christine Osinski


I had no direct relationship to Alicia, except through my camera lens. We didn’t know each other going into the shoot. Immediately, I was very taken with her athleticism and her energy. Pregnancy is—of course—a normal and healthy condition. But it’s also hard on the body.  I was amazed at how gracefully she was still able to move and dance. It was a testament to her power and resolve.

But I suppose that shouldn’t have been a surprise. If you’ve ever been pregnant while working, you know what it takes.