Ellen Banner

Ellen Banner

About the Artist

Ellen is an American photographer based in Seattle, WA.


As a photojournalist, I end up shooting a little bit of everything. I’ve been on staff at the Seattle Times since 1997. When you’ve been a photographer as long as I have, it’s important to change things up—different lighting, different angles. The last thing I would want is for my pictures to look like all the others.

To that end, I try to talk to people and really find out who they are before I start shooting. Instead of shooting based on a preconceived notion, I want to make sure I’m really telling their story. It can be tough, though, because people tend to act differently with a camera pointed at them. That’s why it’s so important for me to develop a connection with my subjects.  By establishing some kind of rapport, I can try to mitigate the unease that comes with having a camera shoved in one’s face.



2012, © Ellen Banner


Walking Into Fall

2017, © Ellen Banner


My Little Sister

2012, © Ellen Banner


Having worked through a pregnancy myself, I had some understanding of the challenges that a pregnant, working woman faces. But, while I knew what it was like being pregnant in my own line of work, I didn’t exactly know how pregnancy affected others, in different careers.

It was interesting to try to capture the idiosyncrasies of another person’s experience—in a different line of work. It certainly reaffirmed my commitment to getting the real story rather than shooting based on what I think I already know.


Precious Innocence

2004, © Ellen Banner


Skateboarding Dog

2008, © Ellen Banner


Waiting in the Car

2001, © Ellen Banner


Snow Day—School’s Out

2003, © Ellen Banner