Nancy Floyd

Nancy Floyd

About the Artist

Nancy is a American photographer based in Bend, OR.


I’ve always been interested in the experiences of others—particularly, in the experiences of women. The idea of working with women who were experiencing a life-changing event was exciting to me. When I was contacted to participate, I immediately thought of Laura, the owner of the CrossFit Box where I work out. She was pregnant at the time. It was the perfect opportunity to represent a physically strong woman in the act of doing what she loved.

I was interested in the struggle it takes to complete a CrossFit workout while pregnant. But that didn’t come through as much in the photos as I would have suspected. While Laura’s workout was strenuous, she makes it look almost effortless. Only her flushed face gives her away. I love the deep concentration on her face she swings her legs forward, touching her toes to the rings. I also like the way her pregnant torso is slightly illuminated.

In the images, Laura represents a direct contrast to the functional space of the CrossFit box. Everything in the picture is linear—standing barbells, pull-up bars, ceiling rafters and mats on the floor—except for Laura’s arching body.



2011, © Nancy Floyd


Carrie McColgan, Veterinarian—Atlanta, GA

2011, © Nancy Floyd


After taking the photograph of Laura, I went on to photograph a veterinarian and an art teacher. All three taught me about the relationship between womanhood and work, but pregnancy seemed to be less of an issue than one might imagine. Sure, being pregnant had some challenges—all three mentioned being more tired at times, especially towards the end of their pregnancies—but each of them just dealt with it.


Whitney Stansell, Art Teacher—Atlanta, GA

2012, © Nancy Floyd